Everyone loves to receive an actual thank you card in the mail. But who has the time these days to stop by your local store and then stand in line to buy the right card. Don’t forget to stop by your Post Office to buy postage. And add in the cost of gas to drive back and forth.

How would you like to learn about a system that allows you to pick out a custom thank you card, greeting card, birthday card, or even a get well card from the comfort of your home? You pick out the professional card, include your own photos, add your own message, even your own signature, all from the comfort of your home. And pay less than store-bought cards!

Then we stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and mail the card for you.

Need to send more than one card at a time? Our tool allows you to send out the same card, customized with the recipient’s name inside the card, to one person or even hundreds.

We can also send gifts, food, books, and gift cards with your custom greeting card.

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Watch how easy it is to send an actual thank you card to someone.